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We take your privacy and your children’s privacy very seriously.
As creators of apps for children, we follow the best practices as specified by the “Know what’s inside” program and aim to comply with The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). We are upfront about what our apps contain, so there are no hidden surprises.

Our apps don’t gather or store personal user data, such as Name, Surname, home and email address, phone number or social network ID.

House Of Big Things B.V. has a third party analytics system (GameAnalytics) installed, which gathers general data, such as: device and OS type, session length and tracks actions you perform inside our apps. We need that information to make our apps better.

None of our apps include advertising.

Our apps don’t require internet connection.
Our apps don’t download any additional data required to play.
Behind a parental gate you’re invited to look at other apps from us and/or connect via social media.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
This privacy policy was last updated on August 21st, 2014.

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